Fullex Patio Multipoint Locks

The Fullex patio door lock has been designed to offer high security and long term reliability. It is available in 2 versions: 1414mm 6 hook and 1753mm 8 hook. They are suitable for all major PVCu profiles and boast exceptional security as well as durability.

Each patio door lock has been manufactured using Austenitic stainless steel, offering maximum corrosion resistance and creating a long lasting, durable product.As with all Fullex Locks, the patio door lock is both Secured by Design licenced and PAS 24 tested.

Whether you choose the 6 or 8 hook option, all hooks are opposing which makes it extremely difficult to lift them out. There is also a central anti-lift bolt to make this even more challenging.On either patio lock, there is the option to add shootbolts at the top and the bottom. The shootbolts fire out securing the door further when it is locked.